Overview of HENGDU

HENGDU Law Firm is a comprehensive law firm that focuses on the business of capital market, intellectual property and dispute resolution. The headquarters of HENGDU is located in Wangfujing Business District Beijing, now HENGDU has two branches in Tianjin and Quanzhou, two subsidiaries in Fujian and Chengde as well as an office in Chongqing. The branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou is under preparation at present.

HENGDU Law Firm was established in 10th Dec. 2010, and the core value of the firm is “customer orientation, teamwork, innovation spirit”. The core competitiveness of HENGDU are the “first-class management, the professional abilities and the first-class marketability”. By virtue of rich experiences in intellectual property, capital market and dispute resolution, HENGDU dedicates to providing clients with the most outstanding legal services.

Team of HENGDU

HENGDU owns a highly professional team of more than 200 attorneys and staff who graduated from top law schools, business schools or engineering faculties. Most of these attorneys are PhD or Master, with a part of them are patent agent, CPA or CTA. Some of our team members practiced as government officials, judges, consultants, as well as working experiences in first-class international law firms, accounting firms, research institutions, and investment banks. The attorneys of HENGDU could use the languages including English, Japanese, French, Germany, Korean and Russian as working language, which contribute to our excellent and efficient services related to legal affairs, financial affairs, government relationship as well as management strategy to the clients worldwide.

Resources of HENGDU

HENGDU has established intimate and stable working relationship, and effective communication with central and local government departments including Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the PRC, State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC, Supreme People’s Court and other courts at various levels, China international Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC, National Development and Reform Commission, State Administration of Taxation, State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC, People’s Bank Of China, China banking regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and Ministry of Finance of the PRC as well as Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, overseas investment banks, asset management corporations, intermediary institutions, Trade associations or industry forums, industrial parks, innovation parks or incubator bases, etc. By virtue of the resources, HENGDU could conclude constructive and prospective solutions for the clients.

Honors of HENGDU

Since the establishment of HENGDU, we have recruited a number of team player in the field of law and technology with high quality, rich practical experience. .By virtue of remarkable achievements in the field of capital markets, intellectual property and dispute resolution, HENGDU and the attorneys gained a lot of awards, and reputations for peers and clients.

Honors for HENGDU Law Firm

  • ●   “2015 Outstanding Domestic Law Firm” in MANAGING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY;
  • ●   “2015 Leading Law Firm of LEGALBAND”
  • ●   “2015 Remarkable Law Firm of LEGALBAND”
  • ●   “2012-2015 the Best Employer of ALB”
  • ●   “2012-2015 Leading Law Firm of ALB”
  • ●   “2014, 2013 China’s Fastest Growing Law Firm of ALB”
  • ●   “2015, 2014 Most Remarkable Law Firm of ALB”

Honors in Capital Markets

  • ●   “2015 Outstanding Domestic Law Firm” in MANAGING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY;
  • ●   “Executive Director of Institutional Member” in CAPE 2016
  • ●   “Council Member” in ZVCPE 2016
  • ●   “Affiliate Member” in CVCA 2016
  • ●   “Membership” in SAC 2016
  • ●   “Affiliate Member” in IAMAC2016

Honors in the field of intellectual property

  • ●   “2016 Noted IP Litigation Law Firm of Chambers & Partners”
  • ●   “2016 Best IP Litigation Law Firm of LEGALBAND
  • ●   “2016 MIP IP STAR”
  • ●   “2015 Outstanding IP Litigation Team in China”in the 6th China IP Annual Forum
  • ●   “2014 Outstanding IP Litigation Team in China” in the 5th China IP Annual Forum
  • ●   “2014 China’s Top10 Patent Law Firm”
  • ●   “2014 China’s Top10 IP Litigation Law Firm” of mysipo.com
  • ●   “2013 Respected Chinese IP Law Firm” in the Second China IP Focus Award
  • ●   “2012 IP Litigation Law Firm of ALB”

Honors in dispute resolution

  • ●   “China’s best antitrust and anti unfair competition law firm” by Lawyer Monthly
  • ●   Nominated “2012 Litigation Law Firm of ALB”
  • ●   “2015, 2016 China’s Top 15 Litigation Law Firm of ALB”
  • ●   “2015, 2016 China's Top Lawyer of LEGALBAND”
  • ●   “2015, 2016 The outstanding star lawyer of LEGALBAND”
  • ●   “2015, 2016 Leading Lawyer” of Chambers Asia-Pacific”
  • ●   “2015, 2016 Industry Leader of Chambers Asia-Pacific”

Clients of HENGDU

The clients of HENGDU involves government departments, international institutions, industrial organizations, enterprises in Fortune Global 500, China’s top 500 enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private companies related to the industries including municipal administration, energy, petroleum, mining, metallurgy, construction materials, chemical engineering, agriculture, bio-pharmaceutical, traffic, aviation, railway transportation, automobile, trade, consumer products, insurance, investment bank, real estate, internet, telecommunication, software as well as advanced technology. Up to now, HENGDU has provided comprehensive and high quality legal services in a number of legal fields.