A great reputation: Focusing on capital market, intellectual property and commercial litigation, Hengdu Law Firm is a full-service law firm providing high-end legal services to both domestic and international clients. The headquarter of Hengdu locates in China World Center, Beijing and it has already set up branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Quanzhou. Thanks to its outstanding performances in its past legal services, Hengdu has been granted more than 80 awards from social groups, industry organizations and awards committee, winning widely acclaim in and out of this industry.

Professional expertise: Hengdu hosts more than 200 professional lawyers, reputed senior counsel & experts. Most of them graduated from renowned domestic or oversea universities majoring in law, business or engineering, and have master's degree or doctor's degree. Some served as governments officials for years.

Sound channel of communication: Hengdu has been keeping close contact with Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, the State Administration of Market Supervision ("SAMS"), State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC, Supreme People's Court and other courts at various levels, China international Economic Trade and Arbitration Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC, National Development and Reform Commission, domestic and overseas investment banks, asset management corporations, intermediary institutions, trade associations or industry forums, industrial parks, innovation parks or incubator bases.

High-quality legal services: Hengdu has always been upholding the culture of "Clients First and Dedication". By virtue of professional theoretical knowledge, profound legal accomplishment, skilful negotiation strategy, it has assisted large and medium-sized enterprises both at home and abroad to deal with major and intricate cases or projects of which the total accumulated amounts have reached over 10000, more than one hundred influential large-scale typical programs or cases included. Nowadays, Hengdu has extensive and solid foundation of clients. It had served over 6000 clients, including fortune global 500, China's top 500 enterprises, over 2000 large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad.

Hengdu's Honors

  • ●   the best Law Firm of the year(Copyright)-2018[Finance Monthly]
  • ●   Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year (patent and trade secret) -2017-2018 China Business Law Awards [China Business Law Journal]
  • ●   2018 Identified Law Firms (IP Litigation Field) [Chamber Asia Pacific]
  • ●   2018 Antitrust & Competition Law Firm of the Year – China [Worldwide Financial Advisor]
  • ●   2017 Top 1 in the number of Intellectual Property Litigation Cases [Chamber Asia Pacific ]
  • ●   2017,2016 Identified Law Firms (IP Litigation Field) [Chamber Asia Pacific]
  • ●   2017 China's Best Antitrust and Anti-Unfair Competition Law Firm [Lawyer Monthly]
  • ●   2016 Executive member of Institutional Director in CAPE
  • ●   2016 Affiliate Member in IAMAC
  • ●   2016 Affiliate Member in CVCA
  • ●   2016 Membership in SAC
  • ●   2016 Membership in SAC
  • ●   2016 Council Member of ZVCPE
  • ●   2016 LEGALBAND Best IP Litigation Law Firm
  • ●   2016 LEGALBAND Leading Law Firm
  • ●   2016 ALB Leading Law Firm
  • ●   2016 IP STAR [MIP(Managing Intellectual Property)]
  • ●   2016,2015 China's Best Antitrust and Anti-Unfair Competition Law Firm [Lawyer Monthly]
  • ●   2015 ALB Employer of Choice
  • ●   2015 ALB Most Remarkable Law Firm
  • ●   2015 LEGALBAND Leading Law Firm
  • ●   2015 LEGALBAND Remarkable Law Firm
  • ●   2015 Outstanding Domestic Law Firms in MIP
  • ●   2015 Outstanding Law Firm by China Business Law Journal
  • ●   2014 ALB Most Remarkable Law Firm
  • ●   2014,2013 Top10 Fastest-Growing Law Firm of ALB

Clients of HENGDU

The clients of HENGDU involves government departments, international institutions, industrial organizations, enterprises in Fortune Global 500, China’s top 500 enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private companies related to the industries including municipal administration, energy, petroleum, mining, metallurgy, construction materials, chemical engineering, agriculture, bio-pharmaceutical, traffic, aviation, railway transportation, automobile, trade, consumer products, insurance, investment bank, real estate, internet, telecommunication, software as well as advanced technology. Up to now, HENGDU has provided comprehensive and high quality legal services in a number of legal fields.