(1) Private Equity Investment and Venture Investment

  • The set up and fund-raising of PE of all kinds, including PE Funds, Venture Investment Funds, Fund of Funds and other private investment platform;
  • The investment of governmental guiding funds and FoFs;
  • All types of private equity investments for the various forms of the target company;
  • Investment management for the target portfolio companies of PE;
  • Exit of PE, including the overall sale, transfer and redemption;
  • Investment of the fund-raising company for the absorption of PE at all stages;
  • Merger and acquisition, restructuring and company listing within and beyond the borders of the fund-raising company;
  • PE Liquidation

(2) Project Financing

  • Providing the legal advices of related regulation of industry accessing and designing of project structure in the field of FDI.
  • Conducting legal due diligence for programs, developers and interested parties;
  • Participation of negotiations as well as drafting, reviewing and modifying the contract documents;
  • Establishing project company, participating into the negotiations of financing and the project bidding, making the contract plan, helping to acquire the business concession and drafting relevant legal documents;
  • Helping clients with the government’s approval, licenses and registration formalities;Providing legal advice and drafting legal opinions

(3) The foreign investment

  • Providing counsel for the related Chinesepolicy of particular industry admittance, and assisting the clients for the strategy and specific prospectus of FDI;
  • Providing counsel for the related Chinese policy of exchange control and import and export control;
  • Investigating legal due diligence and analyzing feasibility, designing and optimizing the transaction structure;
  • Assisting the negotiation and coordinating the relationship between clients and government office in the stage of negotiations;
  • Providing consultancy services for the government examination, approval, filing, registration, exemption issues, and preparing legal documents required for foreign-investment enterprise;
  • Providing assisted service in the field of transaction completion and the related post-merger integration;

(4) Asset Securitization and structured Finance

  • Providing counsel of transaction related issues including industrial policy, fiduciary contract, security, revenue, etc.;
  • Designing and optimizing the structured financing prospectus;
  • Participating into negotiation, and drafting , reviewing and amending the related document for the post-negotiation;
  • Doing due diligence for the related basic assets in structured financing and providing due diligence report;
  • Assisting the clients to fulfill to procedure of the government approval, permission and register issues;
  • Providing legal opinions;
  • Assisting the clients for the response to supervision department.

(5) Banking and Finance

  • Establishment, modification, market exiting and liquidation of financial enterprises;
  • Restructuring of the capital, debt, business and organization in financial enterprises;
  • Injection and merger related issues of foreign capital;
  • Formulation of constitution, including governance structure, internal control regulation and banking operation regulation;
  • General banking business, M&A loans, syndicated loans and the cross-border suretyship services;
  • Providing advisory services and legal opinions about the transactions of financial derivative, foreign exchange and the legitimacy operation in domestic for the overseas banks, foreign capital banks and non-bank financial institutions;
  • Legal services for the auction of non-performing asset, including the design of the transaction frame, due diligence of assets, drafting all kinds of trade documents, providing legal advice for asset disposal plan.

(6) Corporate and Investment

  • Designing the structure of investment and corporate governance;
  • Conducting legal due diligence;
  • Participating in the negotiation, investigation and modification and providing the related document;
  • Assisting clients to deal with the government approval, permission and register issues;
  • Providing comprehensive legal advices in tax planning, IPR, HRM, foreign exchange, customs and exit strategies.
  • Drafting, reviewing, negotiating all kinds of business contracts of daily operations.

(7) Securities Business

  • floatation of NEEQ and re-financing;
  • IPO of A shares, H shares and the red chips;
  • Re-financing of public companies:
  • Issuance of bonds products including senior notes and convertible bonds abroad of domestic enterprises;
  • Issuance of enterprise bonds, corporate bonds, private bonds and all kinds of fixed interest of domestic enterprises;
  • M&A of public companies;
  • Restructuring and reorganization of public companies;
  • Legal compliance and corporate governance of public companies.

(8) Overseas Investment

  • Providing suggestions to clients in respect of foreign law firms and other service providers, and coordinatingwith the service providers in other field;
  • Analyzing the system and the risk of investment approval in the host country, and giving suggestions to the clients in the structural transaction, financial arrangement, investment approach.etc;
  • Coordinating with overseas service agencies to set up offshore companies;
  • Proceeding diligent investigation of the investment projects;
  • Participating in negotiations of the foreign investment project contract, and drafting, reviewing and amending the relevant transaction documents;
  • Developing risk protection strategies on the basis of the requirement of the clients and the specific situation of the project;
  • Assisting clients to handle all kinds of domestic government's approval, license and registration procedures;
  • Providing legal service after delivery services for the integration of overseas investment and domestic operations.

(9) Merger & Acquisition

  • Industrial access policy consultation
  • Transaction structure design
  • Tax preparation
  • Contact & document draft and negotiation
  • Suggestion to the authorization & approval in transaction
  • Law suggestion according to the request from clients and supervision regular
  • Assistance in applying approval & registration in government.
  • Law services for transaction-finished integration

(10) Antitrust

  • Drafting and reviewing Lateral & vertical business agreement;
  • Providing legal advises in precaution against monopoly, unfair competence and compliance review
  • Assisting in merger strategic planning viewed from the antitrust point and undertaking concentration declaration
  • Law service of antitrust administrative survey for enterprises
  • Relevant compliance solution in antitrust for enterprises and internal employee training
  • Legalopinionsfor the abuse of marketing ascendancy
  • Agent competition law, civil action, administrative review and litigation