(1) Private equity investment and risk investment

  • The set up and fund-raising of PE of all kinds, including PE Funds, Venture Investment Funds, Fund of Funds and other private investment platform;
  • Establishment of various privately-offered fund and fund-raising
  • Investment in various privately-offered fund by government guide fund, FOF and other investors
  • Various forms of privately-offered fund investment in the target company
  • Investment management of portfolio company for the privately-offered fund
  • Withdrawal of privately-offered fund investment including the overall sale, transfer and redemption
  • Fund-raising enterprises absorbing investment of various privately-offered funds at different stages
  • Merger and acquisition, reorganization, and domestic and overseas listing of fund-raising enterprises
  • Clearance of various privately-offered funds

(2) Foreign investment

  • Provide consulting services on industry access policies, and assist clients in developing investment strategies and plans in China
  • Provide consulting services on exchange control and import and export control
  • Conduct legal due diligence and feasibility analysis, design and optimize the transaction structure
  • Assist in negotiations, and participate in coordination with government departments
  • Provide consulting services on government examination and approval as well as filing on record, etc.; draw up various legal documents required for the establishment of foreign-invested enterprises
  • Assist with the settlement and delivery, and provide legal services on integration after the M&A
  • Provide legal services for the management and day-to-day operation of foreign-investment enterprises

(3) Overseas investment

  • Advise clients on foreign service providers and coordinate the work
  • Analyze the host country’s investment examination and approval system and the risk, and provide suggestions
  • Establish offshore companies in cooperation with overseas service agencies
  • Conduct due diligence on investment projects
  • Legal support for business negotiations
  • Participate in the negotiation of contracts for overseas investment projects and draft, review and revise relevant transaction documents
  • Develop risk prevention strategy according to client’s requirements and project details
  • Assist clients to handle all kinds of procedures including domestic government examination and approval, licensing and registration, etc.
  • Provide legal services on the integration of foreign investment and domestic business after settlement and delivery

(4) Banking and finance, insurance

  • The establishment, alteration, withdrawal from market and clearance of financial enterprises
  • Restructuring of capital, debt, business and organization of financial enterprise
  • Compliance and risk control of day-to-day business of financial enterprise
  • Long-term legal consultancy for financial institutions
  • Domestic and foreign financial leasing business
  • Equity participation or merger and acquisition of various financial institutions by foreign investment
  • Design governance structure, draft all kinds of business rules and internal control system
  • General banking, M&A loan, syndicated loan and foreign-related guarantee business
  • Provide legal consulting services and issue legal opinions to foreign financial institutions on the compliance of operation in China
  • Provide legal services for auction of non-performing asset, including transaction structure design and due diligence on asset
  • Draft insurance contract and make plans for insurance
  • Resolve insurance disputes and assist in the insurance claim and settlement of claim
  • Related requirements, design, implementation and monitoring of the compliance system of overseas insurance companies in China
  • Provide consulting services for insurance brokers, general agencies and investors in the field of insurance.
  • Participate in settlement of disputes between partners or clients

(5) project finance

  • Assist in designing project structures and solutions
  • Conduct legal due diligence on projects, developers and other parties concerned
  • Participate in negotiation, and draft, review, revise the contract documents
  • Set up project company, participate in financing negotiation and project public bidding, formulate contracting plans, assist in obtaining franchise right and draft relevant legal documents, etc.
  • Assist clients to handle all kinds of procedures including government examination and approval, licensing and registration, etc.
  • Provide legal consulting and issue legal opinions

(6) Assets securitization and structured financing

  • Provide consulting or legal advice on specific issues concerning transaction such as industrial policy, fiduciary contract, guarantee and taxation involved in the industrial policy
  • Design and optimize structured financing plans
  • Participate in the negotiation; draft, review, revise legal documents required in the financing process
  • To conduct due diligence on the underlying asset involved in the structured financing and issue legal due diligence report
  • Assist clients to handle all kinds of procedures including government examination and approval, licensing and registration, etc.
  • Issue legal opinions
  • Assist customers to respond to feedback questions or opinions from relevant supervisory departments in China

(7) securities business

  • Listing on the "new third board market "and refinancing of enterprise
  • IPO of A Shares、H Shares and overseas red chips, etc.
  • Overseas issue of senior debt, convertible bond and other bond products by domestic enterprises
  • Issue and listing of corporate bonds, enterprise bonds, medium-term notes in China by domestic enterprises
  • Refinancing, acquisition, merger, separation, major asset restructuring, delisting and resumption of listing of listed companies
  • Spin-off and buy-back of the shares of listed companies
  • Continuous information disclosure after listing
  • Design management incentive plan and employee stock ownership plan

(8) Merger and acquisition

  • Industrial access policy counseling
  • Design structure of deal
  • Analyze industrial structure
  • Plan and prepare tax affairs
  • Drafting of contract and document as well as negotiation
  • Advise on the authorization, examination and approval procedures to be implemented for the transaction
  • Provide legal advice as required by clients or the regulatory body
  • Assist in applying for government approval or registration
  • Relevant legal services on integration after transaction

(9) Company integration and compliance

  • Relevant legal services on corporate establishment, conversion, merger and separation
  • Related legal services on dissolution and cancellation of a company
  • Long-term legal consultant to the company
  • Corporate juridical person governance
  • Design investment structure and corporate governance structure
  • Conduct legal due diligence
  • Participate in negotiation; draft, review and revise related documents on company establishment
  • Assist clients to handle all kinds of procedures including government examination and approval, licensing and registration, etc.
  • Provide comprehensive legal advice on tax affairs planning, foreign exchange, customs and exit strategy
  • Draft, review and consult various business contracts in day-to-day operation

(10) Reform of state-owned enterprise and equity transaction

  • Design and draft reform plan of state-owned enterprises
  • Transfer and transaction of state-owned property rights (equity)
  • Reorganization of assets, personnel, creditor's rights and debts in the restructuring process of state-owned enterprises
  • Bankruptcy liquidation of state-owned enterprises
  • Bankruptcy reorganization of state-owned enterprises

(11) Internet finance

  • Establish principal part and improve procedures and systems
  • Legal business training for higher management
  • Management of specific legal risks
  • Demonstration of legality and scheme design of commercial modes such as P2P and crowdfunding
  • Draft and revise various business contracts in the field of Internet finance
  • Prevention of illegal fund raising, breach of law and criminal offense involved in Internet finance
  • Business and legal consultancy in the field of Internet finance
  • Due diligence of financing and investment in the field of Internet finance
  • Long-term legal consultancy of Internet finance industry

(12) Anti-monopoly

  • Draft and review horizontal and vertical business agreements
  • Provide legal advice to clients on risk prevention and compliance review of monopoly
  • From the perspective of anti-monopoly law, assist the trading parties to formulate merger and acquisition strategy, and assist the client to complete the anti-monopoly declaration for the concentration of undertakings
  • Provide legal services for enterprises to respond to anti-monopoly administrative investigation
  • Formulate compliance plans related to anti-monopoly law for enterprises and provide anti-monopoly analysis for marketing agreements
  • Provide legal advice on issues concerning abuse of dominant market position that the enterprise may be involved with
  • Conduct education and knowledge training on various anti-monopoly and compliance