Capital market administrative supervision and crisis management

How We Can Help

The formal implementation of the new "Securities Law" has greatly increased the costs of daily violations, administrative violations, and criminal offenses of capital market entities. Hengdu group is familiar with the operating modes of various entities in the capital market and the supervision procedures of relevant departments. We are good at providing comprehensive service in this area.

Our team

Our teamThe group of Hengdu Capital Market Administrative Supervision and Crisis Management employs senior capital market experts as legal counsel, and is led by senior partners with profound expertise in the field to coordinate multiple operation groups. They all graduated from China University of Political Science and Law, East China University of Political Science and Law, Nanjing University, University of Illinois, and other well-known law schools at home and abroad, and have doctorate and master degrees in law. The team has theoretical knowledge and practical experience on the legal liability composition and evidence rules of various capital market disputes. We have won high praise and trust from clients during the service process.

After years of work, the team of Hengdu Capital Market Administrative Supervision and Crisis Management has achieved huge development. Our team has handled many well-known capital market major cases, and our clients include companies, banks, securities firms, trusts, public and private equity funds , High-net-worth investors and other capital market entities; Our services include daily supervision of the capital market, administrative inspections, administrative hearings, administrative punishments, administrative reconsiderations, administrative litigation, criminal investigations, criminal litigation, civil disputes and other different fields. Our group can accurately collect evidence and effectively defend the legal rights and interests of clients' personal, property, and goodwill in all aspects.

Administrative supervision
We assist clients in response to the guidance, licensing and supervision of relevant departments including the China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, State Administration of Foreign Exchange, State Administration of Taxation, People's Bank of China, and Economic Crime Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security.

Crisis intervention
We assist clients to respond to the supervision inquiries and administrative investigations carried out by the Inspection Bureau of the CSRC, the inspection bureaus of various local securities regulatory bureaus, the Office of the Commissioner assigned to the Shanghai Stock Exchange/Shenzhen Stock Exchange, etc. If a client is given administrative punishment for suspected violation of the law, we are able to not only apply for the hearing and fully defend the clients, but also initiate the administrative reconsideration and administrative proceedings on behalf of our client. Furthermore, we provide all the criminal procedure service if our clients are suspected in criminal cases.

Daily risk control
We assist our clients to establish a complete system of civil, criminal and administrative risk prevention and control in all aspects of corporate governance and management. We also help clients effectively avoid the potential legal risks of the capital market through regular medical examination, compliance review, special training and other legal services.

Civil disputes
We provide professional legal services for civil disputes in the capital market, such as misrepresentation of civil compensation, insider trading civil compensation, market manipulation civil compensation, over-the-market allocation agreements, bond default, major debt disputes, etc.