How We Can Help

Rapid development
Hengdu Securities Professional Department is set up to meet the diverse and complex legal services needs of clients. In the meantime, providing customers with a one-stop, business-wide law firm is an important part of our reforming. Relying on Hengdu's mature development model, extensive business experience and unique insights, our lawyers provide clients with innovative solutions, which also makes us stand out in the securities field.

Securities business is one of the core business of Hengdu Law Firm, which has maintained impressive performance for many years. At present, we have provided services for many domestic and foreign enterprises in restructuring, listing, restructuring and mergers and acquisitions. We accumulated a wealth of practical experience and gained high evaluation from clients.

Full service
Our service includes: Enterprise restructuring, public offering of shares, direct or indirect listing of domestic and/or overseas, issuance of corporate (company) bonds, allocation of shares by listed companies to original shareholders and/or public offering of shares to non-specific objects, issuance of convertible corporate bonds by listed companies, securitization of assets.

Multi-resource cooperation
We build up a good relationship with Ministry of Commerce, Development and Reform Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, State Administration for Market Regulation and other ministries and commissions and stock exchanges, major securities companies, investment companies, which make Hengdu provide legal service more effective than others.

Professional team
We recruited professional and sophisticated senior partners in the securities field to lead the team. For the complicated project, about one hundred groups will work together to solve clients’ issue. They are experienced in corporate financing, equity and debt capital markets, structured products and regulatory work.

Outstanding credibility
Hengdu is Member of China Interbank Market Dealers Association, Joint Member of China Insurance Asset Management Association (IAMAC), Member of China Securities Industry Association (SAC), Member of China Equity Investment Fund Association (CAPE) Standing Council Member, China Equity Investment Association (CVCA) Joint member, director unit of Zhongguancun Venture Capital and Equity Investment Fund Association (ZVCPE)

Initial public offering and listing of A shares, H shares, and overseas red chips

  • After the establishment of the company, during the counseling period of the brokerage firm, the lawyer will assist in improving the company system, strengthening the company management mechanism, and regulating the company's behavior in strict accordance with the requirements of the stock company to achieve the purpose of issuance and listing.

  • Participating in the drafting of the Prospectus, making a fair judgment on whether it has legal risks, and provide special legal opinions on related issues.

  • Collecting relevant information of the company, conducting a comprehensive due diligence in accordance with the law, and compile the Legal Opinion on the issuance and listing of the stock company.

Domestic companies issue senior notes, convertible bonds and other bond products oversea

  • Working on the domestic entities involved in the project.

  • Assisting and representing the issuer in the review of project documents and propose amendments, etc.

  • Issuing a Chinese legal opinion to the underwriter.

  • Providing project-related consulting opinions in accordance with Chinese laws and regulatory approval requirements, and assist in relevant communication and interpretation work.

Refinancing, acquisition, merger, division, major asset reorganization, delisting and relisting of listed companies

  • Choosing a reasonable financing method for the company.

  • Advising on the acquisition of listed companies.

  • Providing program support for the merger and division of listed companies.

  • Reviewing relevant agreements and documents of listed companies in the process of major asset restructurin.

The design of management incentive plan and employee stock ownership plan

  • Assisting the company in formulating management incentive plans and employee stock ownership plans.

  • Providing audit support for management incentive plans and employee stock ownership plans.

  • Facilitating the smooth implementation of management incentive plans and employee stock ownership plans.

Listing and refinancing of enterprises on the NEEQ

  • Providing training on the NEEQ legal system for listed companies.

  • Providing legal affairs for the company to be listed on the national SME share transfer system.

  • We participate in negotiations, draft and review financing agreements and other related legal documents, and deal with many legal issues such as equity changes that may occur during the financing process.