How We Can Help

Rapid development
The bank department of Hengdu was established to meet the diverse and complex legal service needs of clients. It is also an important part of Hengdu's commitment to provide clients with a one-stop, full-service law firm.

Effective solution
Finance is the core of the modern economy, and banking, insurance, trusts, etc. constitute the pillars of China's financial system. At the beginning of its establishment, Hengdu attached great importance to the layout of financial legal services, and focused on building a first-class financial legal service team composed of senior lawyers, bank experts, and insurance experts, committed to serving as a major financial institution.

Business support legal services

  • Liability business: We provide relevant consultations and suggestions on the legal basis and approval of the bank's issuance of financial bonds to ensure the standardization and legality of the bank's issuance of financial bonds.

  • Asset business:  Bank development loan projects, technological transformation loan projects, whether they are in compliance with national industrial policies, whether they have been approved by relevant departments, etc.

  • Intermediary business: For intermediary business, especially newly developed business or financial products, control its legal risks, and enhance the stability, predictability and certainty of the legal relationship of intermediary business.

Regular advisory legal services

  • Drafting and reviewing operational guidelines, contract texts, and various business documents.

  • Participating in project negotiations.

  • Providing legal training service.

Special legal services for special asset disposal

  • Providing special and perennial legal services for special asset investment institutions such as AMC, central enterprises, local bonds, private special asset investors, financial special asset investment companies, etc.

  • Providing legal services for the securitization of special assets and the transfer of credit asset income rights.

  • Providing legal services for special assets and corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Other special legal services

  • Due diligence of investment projects.

  • Legal services for investment project withdrawal.

  • Material debt realization.