How We Can Help

Rapid development

China's legal system in the field of enterprise compliance is becoming more and more perfect, and the focus of government supervision on enterprises is shifting from "prior approval" to "whole process supervision". With the strengthening of the supervision and law enforcement, the major cases in the field of compliance attract attention frequently. In order to prevent and reduce the compliance risk, enterprises are paying more and more attention to the construction and implementation of compliance system.

Our team

HENGDU compliance team has recruited a group of senior lawyers with similar ideals and professional positioning. Among the team lawyers, there are legal directors and compliance directors who have worked in state-owned enterprises, world top 500 enterprises and large-scale well-known enterprises. There are also lawyers with industry knowledge and service experience in key compliance regulatory industries such as pharmaceutical and health, automobile and parts, consumer goods, energy and chemical industry, finance and insurance, as well as dispute settlement lawyers with civil and administrative litigation experience in anti-monopoly, anti-corruption and anti-commercial bribery.

Full service

HENGDU can provide domestic and foreign corporate clients with various compliance legal services covering their business. In addition to traditional compliance businesses such as anti-monopoly, anti-commercial corruption and anti- unfair competition, HENGDU also provides emerging compliance services such as data security and privacy protection, white-collar crime, health and environmental protection. HENGDU compliance team is not only good at helping enterprises build a compliance system to reduce risks, but also can provide practical and effective services for enterprises to deal with emergencies such as administrative inspection.

Daily compliance consultation and training

  • We provide advice on risk investigation and compliance of false advertising and false publicity

  • We advise on compliance issues in major transactions

  • We provide legal advice on personnel management compliance issues such as the employment system and the handling of disciplinary violations

  • We provide advice on the compliance issues of distribution channels, promotion policies and dealer management

Anti-corruption and anti-commercial bribery compliance

  • We help our clients understand the legal system and practice of anti-corruption and anti- commercial bribery in China

  • We develop specific anti-corruption, anti-commercial bribery policies and prevention mechanisms for our clients

  • We provide anti-corruption and anti-commercial bribery compliance services in the process of investment and M & A, and assist customers to deal with the inspection and investigation of anti-corruption and anti-commercial bribery by government departments

Network security and data protection compliance

  • We review and demonstrate the compliance of the enterprise's business model, business rules, business processes, and user's personal information protection, data use and security, data cross-border and other issues involved in the business plan

  • We review and draft user personal information agreements, authorization documents, privacy policies and other documents for enterprises

  • We assist enterprises to build data business compliance system and formulate relevant documents

Administrative / criminal compliance services

  • General Administration / criminal compliance

  • Specific issues administrative / criminal compliance

  • Administrative / criminal investigation response

Other compliance services

  • Special or annual compliance audit

  • Compliance due diligence

  • Tax compliance

  • Environmental protection compliance, etc