Enterprise reform and property right transaction

How We Can Help

HENGDU lawyer has rich practice of enterprise restructuring, has rich experience in comprehensive risk control, reducing litigation, ensuring transaction security, and has formed a perfect legal service system. At the same time, HENGDU lawyers pay attention to the study of policies and regulations related to property rights transactions. They can provide consultation for enterprises in the process of restructuring and property rights transactions, assist enterprises in formulating feasible plans for property rights transactions, coordinate the work of intermediary agencies such as asset evaluation and financial audit, and assist enterprises in formulating comprehensive plans for handling creditor's rights and debts related to property rights.

Provide legal consultation service for restructured enterprises

  • Provide consulting service of laws and regulations for restructuring enterprises, help enterprises correctly apply relevant laws and regulations, and provide the latest restructuring policy information at any time

  • Provide legal training for the management, senior managers and all employees of the restructured enterprises, introduce the laws, regulations and policies of the relevant departments of the state, and increase legal awareness

  • To provide legal documents such as various single or comprehensive legal opinions, legal risk analysis reports, single or comprehensive legal evaluation reports, feasibility study reports of restructuring schemes, etc. for restructured enterprises

Provide due diligence services for restructured enterprises, prepare due diligence report, determine restructuring direction and provide restructuring scheme

  • We will inspect the restructured enterprises on the spot, determine the restructuring direction according to the characteristics of the enterprises, and provide the enterprises with short-term, medium-term and long-term restructuring objectives, so as to meet the requirements of modern enterprise system

  • According to the direction and goal of enterprise reform, the paper designs the concrete reform plan. The reform plan should take into account the interests of the competent departments, enterprise managers and employees, and be conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise

  • According to the reform plan, formulate the specific implementation plan of related projects, and carry out comprehensive evaluation and target prediction for various specific implementation plans and plans

Assist the restructured enterprises to implement the restructuring plan and project plan

  • Guide the enterprises to implement the reform plan and project plan, and put forward the corresponding measures and solutions for the problems

  • Carry out a comprehensive evaluation on the implementation of the reform plan, measure the implementation of the reform plan, and issue a comprehensive evaluation opinion or legal report after analyzing and verifying the relevant data

  • Prepare all kinds of normative legal documents, participate in negotiations, and review materials or legal documents provided by other participants

Formulation of policy documents and guidance for system reform

In addition to preparing "restructuring plan" and "employee resettlement plan" and "state-owned property right transfer plan" for restructured enterprises, we can assist in formulating other normative policy documents according to the actual situation of the restructured enterprises, such as land disposal plan, creditor's right and debt disposal plan, and asset entrusted management scheme for resettling personnel.