Tax law

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Comprehensive legal services

HENGDU tax legal services are mainly for enterprises, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals. We are committed to providing customers with comprehensive tax services, helping customers clarify the complicated tax system, so that customers can carry out business without any worries, manage risks and save expenses. With rich experience in large-scale project processing and profound tax theoretical knowledge, we have provided effective and optimal tax solutions for many large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, foreign enterprises and related individuals.

Integration of tax, finance and law

In many cases, tax issues are usually legal issues, but not limited to legal issues. Taking tax preference management as an example, in addition to being familiar with and understanding the relevant tax laws and regulations, it is also necessary to have a strong sensitivity and realistic interpretation of the ever-changing tax policies, tax collection and regulatory development planning in different regions and industries, and also have certain experience in other professional fields such as the qualification determination related to tax preference. HENGDU's tax law department effectively integrates tax, law and finance, focusing on the core, cross cutting, difficult and complex problems. It can be highly integrated with other companies' compliance, capital market professional fields and even commercial litigation and intellectual property rights.

Legal service of general enterprise tax planning

  • Comprehensive tax compliance planning services

  • Corporate tax legal advisory services

  • Business top model tax design service

  • Invoice special tax planning service

  • Review service of contract tax related issues

  • Equity incentive tax planning service

Legal services for special tax planning of enterprises in special industries

  • Legal services for tax planning of construction and installation enterprises

  • Legal services for tax planning of real estate development enterprises

Personal / family tax planning legal services

  • Tax planning legal services for high net worth persons

  • Legal service of tax planning for family wealth inheritance

Litigation legal services

  • Legal services for tax dispute resolution

  • Legal services for defense of tax related criminal cases