International trade

How We Can Help

In collaboration with top international law firms, we can jointly provide professional, efficient and localized overseas litigation investigation legal services for Chinese enterprises. We have been acting for Chinese enterprises in many anti-dumping and countervailing investigations to obtain non injury rulings, or win zero or lower tax rates. In terms of import business, we have smooth communication channels with the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of customs. We can help foreign enterprises and domestic importers to deal with the inspection and investigation of administrative departments reasonably, and provide relief through judicial channels when necessary. We are good at understanding the enterprise's own industry and its upstream and downstream industries from a macro perspective, so as to design the best response plan for the enterprise. In addition, we have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the laws of the World Trade Organization, and can provide assistance to domestic and foreign enterprises in the WTO dispute settlement procedures and trade negotiations.

Regular international trade legal services

  • Provide legal services for customs affairs

  • Provide legal services for international trade freight and maritime affairs

  • Optimize import and export mode and supply chain management

  • Assist in the design and optimization of customs and trade compliance business process and system, and provide corresponding training

International trade administrative investigation responding to legal service

  • Deal with the customs price examination, inspection and anti-Smuggling Investigation

  • Deal with the investigation and examination of anti-dumping and countervailing, put forward the non-injury defense and apply for the exclusion of the products involved in the case

  • Response to the US section 337 investigation