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Rapid development

HENGDU VC / PE professional group is established to meet the diverse and complex legal service needs of clients, and is also an important part of the development and reform of HENGDU law firm committed to providing clients with one-stop, full business field. Relying on the mature development mode of HENGDU and the rich business experience and unique opinions of HENGDU lawyers, HENGDU has provided innovative and commercial solutions for clients in many projects, which also makes HENGDU stand out rapidly in the field of venture capital and private equity fund.


VC / PE business is one of the core businesses of HENGDU law firm, which has been maintaining a remarkable performance for many years. At present, it has provided legal services for the establishment, raising, investment operation, exit and other businesses of private funds of many enterprises, accumulated rich practical experience, and obtained high praise from customers.

Private fund raising

  • Provide compliance opinions on the company's publicity and promotion, and reduce the compliance risks that the company and its employees may face when recommending private funds

  • Assist the company to produce publicity and promotion materials, conduct risk rating on private funds, establish scientific and effective risk rating standards and methods for private funds, and recommend private funds matching their risk identification and risk bearing capacity to investors

  • Assist the company in matching investors, including identification, screening and confirmation of qualified investors

Establishment and filing of private fund

  • Assist the company to prepare a complete set of documents required for the filing of private funds, such as the prospectus, fund contract, partnership agreement, investment agreement, custody agreement, outsourcing agreement, supervision agreement on raising account, etc.

  •  Assist the company to set up a limited partnership according to the needs of private fund issuance, including issuing partnership agreement, partnership / withdrawal agreement, resolution of shareholders / shareholder decision, resolution of board of directors / Executive Director and other relevant resolution documents required for the establishment of the partnership

  • According to the needs of private fund issuance, assist the company to draft the approval documents required within the group or issue special legal opinions on the establishment of private fund

Investment operation of private fund

  • Assist the company to issue a due diligence report on the private fund bidding, and assist the company in drafting investment agreement, investment letter of intent, repurchase agreement, guarantee agreement and other investment documents

  • Assist the company to make custody agreement or system measures and dispute resolution mechanism to ensure property safety in case of no custody

  • Assist the company to conduct business negotiation with the investors who are going to bid

Withdrawal of private funds

  • If the private equity fund intends to take the IPO Exit method, it is necessary to issue a complete set of documents required for the listing of the target company

  • If the private equity fund intends to withdraw through M & A, it shall assist the company in dealing with the transaction structure, drafting the resolution of the shareholders' meeting, equity transfer agreement and other documents required for merger and acquisition

  • If the private equity fund intends to withdraw by means of equity repurchase, it shall assist the company to draft equity repurchase agreements, resolutions of the shareholders' meeting and other documents according to the different exit methods of controlling shareholder repurchase, management buyback or enterprise capital reduction