How We Can Help

Intellectual property is the cornerstone business of HENGDU, and copyright is the leading business of HENGDU. We have absolute experience advantages and professional advantages. We can provide clients with full process and multi-directional legal services covering copyright registration, management, transfer, license, infringement investigation and rights protection.Relying on the organizational structure of HENGDU in the whole business field, HENGDU can not only provide customers with pure copyright legal services, but also break away from the limitation of copyright specialty. Based on the overall transaction of customers and the overall situation of cases, HENGDU can provide the most effective and favorable legal solutions for customers when copyright and other interests are involved.

Legal consultation on Copyright

We put forward legal opinions on copyright management, transfer and use.

Copyright registration

Acting as copyright registration agent for all kinds of literary works, art works and computer software.

The construction of copyright daily management system

We assist clients to establish and improve a copyright management system including enterprise copyright management, statistical, and trading.

Copyright trading

  • Assisting clients to sign copyright license contracts and handle filing matters on behalf of clients

  • Assisting clients to sign pledge contracts and register copyright pledge on their behalf

  • Assisting clients to sign copyright transfer contracts and handle filing matters on behalf of clients

  • Assisting copyright owners to sign authorization contracts with copyright collective management organizations, and assist clients to obtain the right to use works through copyright collective management organizations

Agency of copyright infringement disputes

  • Acting for clients to deal with copyright infringement accusations

  • Acting on behalf of clients to take legal actions against the infringement of third parties, such as sending a warning letter of copyright infringement, issuing a lawyer's letter, issuing a lawyer's statement, issuing a comparative legal opinion on copyright infringement, initiating arbitration and litigation and other legal services.


  • Handling of Customs copyright records

  • Network copyright protection agency

  • Legal protection, data and privacy protection of innovative technologies such as database and cloud computing