Antitrust litigation

How We Can Help

With the development of domestic economy and the deepening of international economic cooperation, the competition among enterprises is becoming more and more intense, attention is paid to the risk investigation and compliance of antitrust. HENGDU has focused on the theoretical research and practical accumulation in the field of antitrust in the early stage of its establishment, which can provide a full range of antitrust practices for domestic and foreign clients.

  • Formulating antitrust plans and strategies for enterprises, conduct compliance review, design a complete antitrust compliance system, and assist enterprises to implement such compliance systems

  • Assisting enterprises to formulate relevant market competition strategies

  • Providing antitrust analysis for marketing agreement, cooperation agreement and M & A agreement of enterprises, so as to avoid being identified as monopoly behavior and subject to administrative punishment and litigation

  • Drafting and review horizontal and vertical business agreements

  • Providing legal advice on the possible abuse of dominant market position

  • Developing compliance programs related to antitrust law for enterprises, and to train employees on anti-monopoly law knowledge

  • Providing legal advice for trade associations / chambers of Commerce to correctly perform their functions under the antitrust law environment

  • Representing the antitrust administrative procedures related to the abuse of intellectual property rights

  • Antitrust examination of concentration of business operators