Unfair competition

How We Can Help

With the development of domestic economy and the deepening of international economic cooperation, the competition among enterprises is becoming more and more intense, and more and more attention is paid to the risk investigation and compliance of unfair competition. HENGDU has focused on the theoretical research and practical accumulation in the field of competition law in the early stage of its establishment, which can provide all-round anti unfair competition practices for domestic and foreign clients.

  • Providing consultation on anti-unfair competition disputes

  • Providing compliance review and strategy making services related to anti-unfair competition

  • We act as an agent to deal with reports and investigations related to unfair competition

  • Providing evidence investigation and legal analysis related to unfair competition

  • Preventing and control the risks and safeguard the rights and interests of all kinds of unfair competition behaviors

  • Assisting the enterprises to establish / improve the effective trade secret protection system, prevent and control the risk of infringing on the business secrets of enterprises, and protect the rights and interests of the enterprises