Securities Litigation

How We Can Help

On March 1, 2020, the new Securities Law was formally implemented, which greatly increased the cost of daily violations, administrative violations and criminal crimes of the main body of the capital market. New rules emerge in endlessly, and all kinds of risks increase sharply. Our team is familiar with the whole process of securities regulation and securities litigation, and has represented listed companies and intermediary agencies in dealing with securities litigation such as false statements and insider trading, and has won unanimous praise from clients. Our practices include securities civil litigation, securities administrative litigation, securities criminal litigation and other fields.

Types of legal disputes

  • Civil liability dispute of Securities Misrepresentation

  • Insider trading disputes

  • Disputes over manipulation of securities market

  • Contract fraud disputes in merger and reorganization

  • Administrative litigation of securities administrative penaltyBond default dispute

Specific practices

  • Civil cases

Issue legal opinion.

Review of procedural matters: examination of plaintiff's qualification, limitation of action, raising / responding to jurisdictional objection.

Property preservation and evidence preservation.

Guide investigation and evidence collection. 

Act as client's agent to sue, respond to suit and draft relevant legal documents. 

Participate in court trial and other proceedings.

  • Administrative cases

Administrative penalty hearing. 

Administrative reconsideration.

Administrative litigation.

  • Criminal cases

Criminal charges.           

We provide legal assistance to the parties in the investigation stage, meet with the suspect, understand the alleged charges and the relevant cases, provide legal advice, apply for bail pending trial, and lodge complaints and accusations for the suspect.

At the stage of review and prosecution, we defended the suspect and offered defense opinions to the procuratorial organ for not prosecuting.

We defend the accused at the trial stage, participate in the court trial, and put forward the defense opinions of the defendant's innocence or minor crime.