Commercial litigation

How We Can Help

The current lawyers of HENGDU have represented a large number of commercial litigation cases, some of which involve huge amount of subject matter.

Some cases are typical, and some cases are of high trial level.

HENGDU serves clients in dozens of industries, including finance, real estate, construction engineering, industry and manufacturing, energy and minerals, retail, FMCG, communications, etc.

Risk aversion

Before the establishment of cooperation we provide

  • Legal consultation on feasibility, legality and compliance of cooperative projects

  • Conduct legal investigation according to the Commission

  • Written legal analysis and risk reminder

  • Risk aversion scheme design

  • Witness of contract signingLegal training for project personnel

After the establishment of cooperation we provide

  • Monitor the performance of the contract and provide legal advice on risk prevention

  • Establishment of contract archives management system

  • Contract modification and cancellation

  • Send lawyer's letter according to the entrustment

  • Issue analysis report and formulate solutions for disputesParticipate in the negotiation of reconciliation and mediation

General practices of commercial litigation

  • Sort out and analyze cases and prepare legal documents required for litigation

  • Formulating litigation strategy

  • Handle the filing procedure, write and submit the indictment or reply, receive and transmit legal documents

  • Handle property preservation, evidence preservation, application for prohibition order, etc.

  • Application or defense of jurisdictional objection

  • Assist in evidence collection, sort out evidence materials and cross examine evidence materials of the opposite party

  • Submit agency opinions and participate in court trial

  • Case report and follow-up discussionAct as an agent to execute programs, etc.

General process of commercial litigation

HENGDU visual service process > Project demand communication > Basic information warehousing > Client conflict retrieval > Special team adjustment > Plan determination > Preliminary plan negotiation > Preliminary meeting evaluation >Special team initial construction > Entrusted agreement signing > project initiation > Overall plan > Project brief summary > Chief lawyer communication>Project document preparation > Project risk reminder > Pre diagnosis of the project > Discussion on project strategy > Analysis of project meeting > Pre court report of lawyers > Holding of simulated court hearing > Discussion of expert consultants > Improvement of project strategy > Preparation of court outline > Close follow-up of cases > Submission of agency opinions > Communication of post court meeting > Full participation of court hearing.