Commercial crimes

How We Can Help

The field of commercial crime is one of the litigation fields that HENGDU has been focusing on and developing continuously. HENGDU has accumulated solid theoretical research and sufficient experience of case agency in this field.

The lawyers of HENGDU have represented a large number of commercial crime cases. Some cases involve huge amount of subject matter, some cases are typical, and some cases are complicated. HENGDU serves clients in dozens of industries including finance, real estate, construction engineering, industry and manufacturing, energy and mineral, retail, fast consumer, communication, etc.

Various commercial crimes

  • Crime of infringing trade secrets

  • Crime of counterfeiting registered trademark

  • Crime of illegally manufacturing registered trademark

  • Crime of offering bribes

  • Crime of collusion in bidding

  • Crime of tax evasion

  • Crime of defrauding export tax refund

  • Crime of false litigation

Risk prevention and control

  • Provide enterprises and individuals with a legitimate and rational design to avoid administrative and judicial investigation

Investigation by public security organs

  • Investigating whether the suspect constitutes a crime and participates in the role, participation procedure and crime severity

Provide legal advice, applying for bail pending trial, agency complaints and accusations for suspects

Procuratorates examine and prosecute

  • Meeting and communication with suspect

  • Investigation and collection of relevant evidence materials

  • Submit a lawyer's opinion to the procuratorial organ on the facts and evidence of suspected financial crimes

Trial in court

  • Consult, extract and copy the relevant materials of the case

  • Meet and communicate with the accused, investigate and collect evidence

  • Participate in the court trial and put forward defense opinions on the defendant suspected of financial crime as innocent, minor or mitigated

  • Defending the defendant at the death penalty review stage