Defense on smuggling

How We Can Help

HENGDU smuggling criminal defense department can not only assess the criminal legal risk and legal responsibility for clients, prevent the occurrence of accountability; when the accountability is inevitable, we can also help clients develop the correct response plan and implementation strategy.

Investigation stage

  • Meeting with criminal suspect         

  • To investigate whether the criminal suspects constitute a crime and participate in the role, participation procedures, and the degree of crime      

  • The suspect will be provided with legal advice, application for bail pending trial, agency complaint and complaint

Review and prosecution stage

  • To defer the suspect, consult, extract and copy the relevant litigation documents and technical appraisal materials          

  • Meeting and communicating with suspect       

  • To investigate and collect relevant evidence materials           

  • To submit a lawyer's opinion to the procuratorial organ on the facts and evidence of suspected financial crimes

Trial stage

  • Consult, extract and copy the relevant materials of the case during the first and second instance          

  • Meeting and correspondence with the accused          

  • Investigation and collection of evidence          

  • Participate in court proceedings         

  • Put forward the defense opinions of the defendant suspected of financial crime as innocent, minor or mitigated

Appeal stage

  • To put forward the appeal opinions on behalf of the parties concerned           

  • Making complaint materials on behalf of others           

  • File a case on behalf of the retrial and participate in the defense of the retrial case