How We Can Help

Rapid development
Hengdu Insurance Department is set up to meet the diverse and complex legal services needs of clients, also we are committed to providing customers with a one-stop, business-wide law firm.

Effective solution
Finance is the core of the modern economy, and banking, insurance, trusts, etc. constitute the pillars of China's financial system. At the beginning of its establishment, Hengdu attached great importance to the layout of financial legal services, and focused on building a first-class financial legal service team composed of senior lawyers, bank experts, and insurance experts, committed to serving as a major financial institution. 

Professional teams
We recruited professional and sophisticated senior partner in the securities field to lead the team. For the complicated project, about one hundred groups will work together to solve clients’ issue. They are experienced in Corporate financing, equity and debt capital markets, structured products and regulatory work.

Insurance business operations, expansion of compliance and risk control

  • We provide professional advice to insurance companies, insurance intermediaries, insurance brokers and investors in the insurance field, as well as other relevant entities

  • We draft and review insurance legal documents

  • We assist in the handling of insurance claims and claim

Insurance dispute resolution

  • We provide professional legal advice on all types of insurance disputes

  • We deal with, participate in, assist in negotiations, start/respond to all kinds of insurance contract disputes, and other insurance disputes

Assisting overseas institutions to achieve compliance in China

  • We participate in and assist foreign institutions in the negotiation of insurance projects in China

  • We assist overseas institutions in obtaining all kinds of licenses required for their business in China's insurance projects

  • We participate in and assist foreign institutions in setting up, acquiring, joint ventures, equity participation and other matters in China

General advisory legal services

  • Legal information integration services

  • Operational guidelines, contract texts, and legal services such as drafting and reviewing of business documents

  • We participate in project negotiations and provide legal training