Labor law

How We Can Help

HENGDU labor law department is committed to providing employers and workers with all kinds of legal issues in labor law, including labor contract, employment management, labor arbitration, litigation, etc. HENGDU's clients in the field of labor law include multinational companies, large state-owned enterprises, central enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad.

Labor contract service

  • Formulate, review, modify and improve the labor contract format, service agreement, training agreement, non-competition agreement and confidentiality agreement and other legal documents

  • Participate in the negotiation, negotiation and signing of labor contract

  • Provide legal advice for the change, rescission, termination and renewal of labor contract

  • Negotiate and resolve disputes about labor contract among employees

Rules and regulations service

  • Formulate, modify and improve the client's rules and regulations

  • Establish the legal formulation and publicity procedures of rules and regulations

  • Review and formulate human resource management system, such as employee handbook, performance appraisal, salary and bonus system

Labor dispute settlement service

  • Provide legal advice on the performance of the labor contract to avoid disputes

  • Negotiate and mediate with employees on behalf of clients to resolve labor disputes

  • Participate in arbitration, litigation trial and execution of labor dispute cases on behalf of clients

  • Manage workplace health and safety responsibilities and provide legal support for workplace accidents